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The SI jewelry is made out of: Swarovski® Crystals, glass beads (Murano, Bohemia), precious/ semiprecious minerals, pearl, coral, exotic seeds, lava, precious metals.

The distinct technology of producing the glass and the various ways of working with it and transforming it into beads represents the secret through which most of the SI pieces of work can be called unique.

The beads can be found all over the world, ever since people were able to put on a lace of leather animal bones, ivory, shells or seeds, and quite soon after wood, clay, metal and glass.

The making of the beads, whether they are of Venetian glass from the island of Murano, or of Bohemia glass – a land that nowadays belongs to the Czech Republic, or of other materials, it is one of the greatest achievements, both cultural and artistic of the humanity.

The desire of looking pretty has always been present and people from everywhere had the knowledge of making from the materials they had at hand jewels of great artistic value.

Our ancestors used the first beads probably as talismans. Some of them had even religious meanings. If, during all the history, in some ages, they symbolized richness and luxury, today, without losing any of their value, the beads express in a simpler way the beauty and the harmony between man and nature.




Si is a dream born out of love for beauty

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